Mike Myers

“Seeing a building go from design to finished product is every contractor’s passion, especially as you reflect on the level of complexity and coordination it took to complete that building. Although it’s not rocket science, not many understand the technical effort and commitment it takes to create a structure designed to provide a function and purpose for our customers. There is nothing more gratifying than driving past a building 10 years later, knowing you had a hand in creating it.”

As an accomplished engineer and seasoned construction professional with 28 years of experience, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to each project he manages. He started his career as an engineer working in government defense design and development. Working with and coordinating multiple engineering disciplines and contractors through complex designs and manufacture provided the project management foundation he needed to become successful in the construction industry. His understanding of how and why issues arise coupled with having the insight and experience to develop solutions or alternatives enables Mike to make progress on a project, especially in renovation work, where unforeseen conditions are commonplace and require swift resolution to mitigate schedule and cost impact. His strong engineering background allows him to effectively communicate with architects and engineers while solving complex technical challenges, resulting in a smooth operation from start to finish. Mike is PMP Certified and an ASHE Trained Health Care Constructor.

Mike studied Engineering and Business Management at the University of Central Florida.

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