When building affordable housing, much attention and pressure is given to making the community worker and minority owned business numbers. What can be forgotten in the challenge of making those numbers, is the life changing impact it makes on the people that are not normally exposed to those opportunities.

Not only do tenants experience life-changing benefits from living in a clean, safe place, but so do those that build them. We call it “the building behind the building”. See how NEI Diversity and Inclusion Director Andre' Barbour, his compliance team, and his network of equally driven partners change lives.

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We are pleased to announce that Ryan Wood has been promoted from Assistant Superintendent to Superintendent for the Southeast Region.

Ryan came to NEI with extensive experience managing specialty and carpentry trades. In his most recent role as Assistant Super on the Briarcrest project, he solely managed the site and successfully completed the project both on-time and under budget. Ryan exemplifies the dedication and can-do spirit of the NEI Super and is truly an asset to the company.

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