About Us

Here's to everyday people.

To the ones who are in there trying every day.
Or maybe just need to catch a break.
It doesn't take much to level the playing field.
A couple nice bedrooms, a kitchen and bath.
And then they're set up to chase their dreams, come what may.

From our perch as a leader in building affordable housing, we've seen the story play out a thousand times, over 23 years. It never gets old.

There's something about building someone a decent place to live that hits where you live.

NEI affordable housing is Built for Good. In more ways than one.

It starts with our extensive preconstruction experience and value management that makes the most of budgets. It extends to our deep and longstanding relationships with minority-owned subcontractor and neighborhood networks. It turns on the performance of our Compliance Teams. And it ends with our project teams that roll up their sleeves and build – solving problems, moving forward, making deadlines and hitting budgets.

NEI is a privately held company committed to affordable housing with extensive experience in ground-up, moderate rehab, elderly, veteran, historic rehab, historic tax credit and tax credit projects. We serve clients in the Northeast from our Boston office, the Southeast from our Florida office, and the Southwest from our Texas office.

At NEI we're not just about building quality, but building quality of life. That's our mission. That's our passion. A story told and retold through the lives of newly-homed and hopeful families every day.

Meet Our Team

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