Chris Burke | CPHB

“My expertise is sequence and schedule. Every project offers different challenges and opportunities to get creative. Because each project is different it’s important that the team utilize creativity to advance construction while dealing with job-specific project challenges that aren’t necessarily your typical challenge.”

Chris’ interest in construction was sparked when he was a freshman in high school and offered to help a local carpenter working on his family’s home. With 26 years of experience, Chris has tremendous experience building projects ranging from luxury high-density multi-family developments to occupied rehabilitation on all types of sites, both complex urban and open. Chris’ primary focus is the analysis of the civil, structural, and MEP scopes of work to ensure the efficient constructability and coordination of the project. He assists with the development of site logistics, operations strategies, and sequencing to ensure swift and efficient completion of the project.

Chris is a Certified Passive House Builder (CPHB).

He earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration in Project Management from Southern New Hampshire University.

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