Benjamin Coulehan | LEED AP, CPHB

“At NEI, we’re building homes. With each project we complete, our work may be done, but that unit will serve as someone’s home for decades to come. We’re now building and renovating more durable, energy-efficient, and lasting projects. The work we’re putting in place now will last longer and have less of an environmental impact/footprint than ever before.”

As Director of Preconstruction, Benjamin’s primary focus is to ensure clear and comprehensive coordination between the design team and the construction team during project development and prior to the start of construction. He oversees NEI’s preconstruction and estimating teams and aids with project assessment, document coordination, detailed project scoping, and contract strategies. With over 28 years of experience, Benjamin spent the first half of his career as an architect before moving to construction.

Benjamin has been on all sides of the table and utilizes that breadth of experience to help all parties better communicate and work together. He finds this experience invaluable in his role at NEI and uses it as an opportunity to help translate and facilitate the conversation between developer, architect, and builder.

Benjamin is a Certified Passive House Builder (CPHB) and LEED Accredited Professional (AP) and earned a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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