JUNE 2018  On June 5th, NEI was presented with an Award of Excellence in Minority Participation by Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation (MHIC) for our commitment to creating access and opportunity for people of color and minority-owned businesses – ensuring that our work has a lasting impact on the communities in which we build.

Over the last few years, NEI has worked to grow and strengthen our Diversity and Compliance Department in order to both better meet the needs of our valuable clients as well as strengthen the local communities we work in. “At NEI, we believe strongly that our job is more than just to put a project in place. We have a responsibility to contribute positively to the surrounding neighborhoods and community that the project will become a part of,” says Carol Fuller, NEI Director of Diversity and Compliance.

NEI awarded $21 Million to minority-owned businesses on three of our last MHIC financed projects (40% of total contracts and as high as 45% on Walker Park in Roxbury) and directed 65% of hours worked on these projects to people of color.

Through innovative hiring strategies and aggressive sourcing of subcontractors and workers, NEI regularly exceeds project participation requirements. Better for the project. Better for the community. We are proud of the efforts of our Diversity and Compliance team, including Director of Diversity and Compliance Carol Fuller, Compliance Manager Kassandra Martin, and Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Andre’ Barbour. We look forward to continuing this trend and making a meaningful impact in the industry and communities we work in.

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