OCTOBER 2017  Construction will soon begin at 50 York Street in Cambridge, the site of the former St. Patrick’s Apartments which was destroyed by a fire last year displacing 16 families. Community Development Corporation Just-A-Start is working with NEI General Contracting and Winslow Architects, Inc. to put those affordable housing units back in service.

On December 3rd, 2016, firefighters battled a 10-alarm fire in the Wellington-Harrington neighborhood of Cambridge that jumped from building to building. The blaze involved 18 buildings including St. Patrick’s Apartments, a former church that had been converted to affordable housing in 1991. Built in 1909, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church featured a large, open bell tower and several stained glass windows. Though the structure was extensively damaged during the 2016 fire, some of the windows were salvaged and at least one will be incorporated into the design of the new building in an effort to maintain its history.

The original building was demolished in the spring, and NEI will begin the $6 Million new construction in November, which is being built within the original foundation footprint. In addition to the 16 new units, the two-story, podium style construction will include upgrades such as underground parking, an elevator, handicapped access, and sprinklers. The entire team is exciting to create safe affordable homes again for these families.

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