Andy Koines | Chief Financial Officer

Andy has over 30 years of financial experience in the construction industry. As Chief Financial Officer, his main focus is planning, accounting operations, and financial information. Andy works tirelessly to effectively manage the influx and outflux of money. He also works closely with our clients to ensure regular billings on each project that incorporate all key owner elements and critical documentation necessary. In addition to accounting oversight, Andy is also responsible for human resources, legal, and banking.

marcMarc Marcelli | Director of Northeast Construction Operations

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Marc has worked in every major market across the US. His enormous portfolio includes public bid work in Michigan, high-end national restaurants chains, and multi-family residential projects. As Director of Northeast Construction Operations, Marc oversees all aspects of projects in the Northeast region of the United States. Marc leads our construction teams to ensure they are efficient, productive, and well-coordinated with the development team.

RichRich Ionelli |Director of Southeast Construction Operations

As Director of Southeast Construction Operations, Rich oversees all aspects of projects in the Southeast region of the United States. Rich has an equally expansive portfolio of project experiences ranging across the country. Rich leads our construction teams across the Southern States to ensure they are efficient, productive, and well-coordinated with the development team. Rich uses his extremely diverse background and extensive experience with project development to anticipate construction challenges and well position the project to mitigate them.

BenBenjamin Coulehan: LEED AP | Director of Preconstruction

As Director of Preconstruction, Benjamin’s primary focus is to ensure clear and comprehensive coordination between the design team and the construction team during project development and prior to the start of construction. Benjamin brings both a rich architectural background and sustainable design sensibility to the construction process. With over 20 years of experience, Benjamin has been on all sides of the table and utilizes that breadth of experience to help all parties better communicate and work together.  Benjamin oversees NEI’s Preconstruction and Estimating teams and provides assistance with project assessment, document coordination, detailed project scoping, and contract strategies.

Jaclyn Teixeira | Director of Risk Management

As Director of Risk Management, you could say that Jaclyn is the most risk-averse person in the company.  She focuses her efforts on continuously assessing the operational risks of the organization, managing the company’s insurance program, examining contractual risks, and overseeing subcontractor insurance compliance and surety bonds. Jaclyn also works closely with NEI’s Safety Manager and field staff to evaluate loss prevention measures, provide training, and establish new protocols for managing risk. Jaclyn brings a diverse background including construction claims and litigation management, claims handling, and risk control field inspections for Fortune 100 companies.

Laurie Madore | Controller

As Controller/HR Administrator, Laurie’s primary focus is to ensure coordination between the Accounting team and the Construction team from preconstruction through financial close-out. Laurie brings over 20 years of experience and educational background to the development of human resource and construction accounting processes. Laurie oversees NEI’s Accounting and Human Resources teams and provides support with all phases of project accounting, detailed document coordination, and human resource strategies.

Bill Young | General Superintendent

Few people in this industry have as broad and deep an experience base as Bill Young. He has built projects ranging from museums to mills, to rehabilitations. He brings the critical construction eye of a seasoned General Superintendent to every phase of our work. During the preconstruction process, he focuses on the analysis of the civil, structural and MEP scopes of work to ensure the efficient constructability of the project.  During the construction process, Bill oversees all of our operational sites and works closely with our Superintendents to ensure productivity, safety, compliance, and efficiency. Bill also plays an integral role in managing and incorporating the standardization of NEI protocols and processes across our sites to better monitor and manage schedule, budget, and safety.

Brandt Wajda | Project Executive

With over 10 years of surveying/civil engineering experience and over 10 years in the construction industry, Brandt brings a wealth of practical and technical knowledge to each project he manages. He is well versed in the complexities and sensitivities of historic renovations, including such notable projects as Old South Church and Trinity Church. Brandt has built strong trusting relationships with our clients through his leadership, communicativeness, and problem-solving abilities.

Chris Cormier | Project Executive

As a Project Executive, Chris brings over 30 years of experience with complex projects ranging from $3 Million to $75 Million. Chris leverages that experience to organize and execute the project and trades for maximum construction and cost efficiency. Chris is an excellent resource in the preconstruction environment and very skilled at helping to steer project scope development, document development, and project scheduling & phasing.

Antonio Tenreiro | Project Executive

With over 25 years in the construction industry, Tony has worked in major markets across the US building a portfolio of multimillion-dollar projects in both multifamily new construction and rehabilitation. Tony is also well experienced with high-end retail, restaurants, and institutional projects. Tony leverages his total experience to help the development team plot cost-effective and expeditious paths from start to successful completion. Tony’s ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders during the preconstruction phase establishes the positive working relationship that extends well past the construction completion.

Mike Myers | Project Executive

As an accomplished engineer and seasoned construction professional, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to each project he manages. He is well versed in moderate rehabilitations, notable projects being Trinity Towers East, West, and South. Mike’s strong engineering background allows him to effectively communicate with architects and engineers and solve complex technical challenges, resulting in a smooth operation from start to finish.

Alex Mahegan: LEED AP | Project Executive

With nearly 30 years in the construction industry, Alex brings extensive experience with complex multi-family construction projects ranging from $3 Million to $130 Million. He leverages that experience to organize and execute the project and trades for maximum construction and cost efficiency. Alex’s strong relationships with architects, engineers, and subcontractors ensure a smooth operation from preconstruction to completion.